Find a quiet corner in this garden and notice the sound of birdsong and the quiet buzz of insects.

***Enter this garden by walking up the steps and then around the side of the house to the garden gate***


This garden is a beautiful example of what can happen when you take a hands-off approach. In this garden the plants and wildflowers (sometimes considered weeds by other gardeners!) are allowed to grow, self-seed, bloom and shine. The garden owners are rewarded with an abundance of wildlife and a closer connection with nature.


Hedges, shrubs, log piles and leaf litter are all left alone and provide habitat and food for a wide variety of insects, birds and small mammals.


A recent survey by Aldbourne Wildlife showed that there have been a number of hedgehog sightings in Kandahar gardens. Hedgehogs love wild corners and dense undergrowth to hide and nest in. They also favour gardens where slugs, snails and other bugs are being allowed to exist without harsh chemical control.


The pond is home to frogs, toads and newts as well as providing water for birds to drink and bathe in.

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