There are so many elements to this garden that make it great for wildlife.

***Please note: This garden is accessed via the path leading down to the Goddard’s Lane play park.***

Enter through the gate and take some time in this part of the garden surrounded by lush planting and impressive trees.


Walk on down through the garden which has a lovely wild feel to it with long grass and self-seeded plants mixed in with more managed spaces.


The garden has 2 ponds to support pond life and give birds a place to drink and bathe.


The attractive domes covering the vegetables mean that a productive veg patch can be maintained whilst also allowing birds to call this garden home. There are also a number of unprotected fruit bushes around the garden which the owners happily share with the local wildlife!


Find one of the seating areas in this garden and listen to the wind in the trees and the birdsong in the air. You may also hear the sound of children happily playing in the play park.

Wildlife Garden Features...

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