This garden is a bird lovers delight and a feast for the eyes.

As you walk up Marlborough Road to get to the side gate for this garden, make sure you turn to take in the road verge which is packed with pollinator-friendly planting. A gorgeous treat before you even enter the garden.


Once inside the garden it is clear that it has been designed to be a haven for birds. The well-stocked bird feeders attract a huge number of daily visitors and the attractive crab apple trees provide a late-season feast.


Every available space in this garden is bursting with colour and the vibrant mix of greens blends perfectly with the diverse range of flowers. Pay particular attention to the Cotoneaster which is covered in bees at this time of year.


As you follow the path make sure you stop at the pond and keep an eye out for all the stone, metal and wooden artwork. There is so much to look at in this garden but make sure you leave time to visit the others!

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