The planting in this beautiful garden has been carefully considered to provide year-round food and shelter for wildlife.

***Please note: This garden is accessed through the garage next to the Methodist church.***


The Spring bulbs which are great for pollinators (and bring much-appreciated early colour to the garden) are followed by pollinator-friendly perennials including catmint and lavender.

Amongst the diverse beds there are also spaces that are left wild where wood is left to rot and insects are free to roam.

A hedge planted in 2020 to replace a fence that had blown down has turned the boundary into a great place for wildlife.

The pond is well stocked with plants to attract birds, bats and lots of aquatic and insect life (frogs, newts, toads, mayflies, dragonflies, water boatmen, water beetles have all been spotted).

A recent wildlife survey recorded 3 species of bat and 37 species of moth in this garden.

Spend some time by the pond in this garden and see what you can spot.

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