Calculate your carbon footprint

Your carbon footprint is a way of showing your carbon emissions. There are a number of different factors that affect the size of your carbon footprint. The food you eat, how and where you travel and how you power your home all contribute to your impact on the planet.

If you live in Aldbourne you can take part in our carbon footprinting project which aims to calculate a baseline figure for our current emissions. We are using the WWF Footprint Calculator to calculate individual footprints. Find out more on our data gathering page.

If you are not in Aldbourne you can still calculate your footprint and then use the WWF tips and tips from our blog to start reducing your emissions.

This is an individual footprint calculator so it will ask you about your house and then divide the data by the number of people in your household. You should include all private travel and travel to and from work but not travel that you do as part of your job (this is part of your employer’s carbon footprint).

The calculator is divided into 4 sections: Food, home, travel and stuff.

The UK average is currently 13.5 tonnes.

The world average is currently 5.28 tonnes.

But we all need to reduce our footprint to as close to zero as possible as quickly as possible. Check out our top tips to get you started.