Aldbourne Repair Network

Keeping things out of landfill and saving you money

The Aldbourne Repair Network is made up of a team of fabulous volunteer fixers.

These fixers can offer advice and a helping hand to fix a range of broken items which would otherwise end up in landfill.

What sort of items can we help with?

We have a team of fixers with experience in fixing the following:

Small devices

And more...

How does it work?

If you have a broken item that is in need of a fix, get in touch and we will put you in touch with a fixer who can help.

They will offer you advice either in person or over the phone to try to help you to fix the item yourself.

If this is not possible the fixer may choose to work with you or take the item to try to repair it for you.

People network

Let's get fixing...

Email us on repairs@carbonneutralaldbourne.co.uk to get started.

Please note:

The Repair Network is run on a voluntary and non-commercial basis.
It will not always be possible to fix everything.
Our fixers do not pretend to be experts. They will do their best but cannot guarantee any particular standard of work. If you have an item which has particular sentimental or monetary value you should consider whether you may prefer to have the work done by a professional.
If the fixer offers to fix an item for you, you must agree to take all responsibility for the item and to acknowledge that a fix may not be possible.
Participation in the Repair Network Scheme is done at your own risk. Carbon Neutral Aldbourne and their fixers accept no liability for any loss or damages that occur.
This is a free service and you will not be asked to pay for the repair - however if the fix requires the purchase of any parts, the fixer will let you know before going any further. If you decide to go ahead, the cost of the new parts will have to be met by you. If you decide not to go ahead, the item will be reassembled and returned to you. No charge will be made for the fixers work.
If you do wish to make a contribution you are welcome to donate money, time or effort for the vital work of Carbon Neutral Aldbourne.