Go Bananas! – 10 uses for banana peels

But don’t just bin the peel – put it to good use with these top tips from Carbon Neutral Aldbourne

  1. To polish shoes, wipe off with a clean cloth
  2. To polish silver, wipe off with a clean cloth
  3. To make houseplant leaves shine
  4. To tenderise meat, place underneath when roasting
  5. To fertilise roses, bury in the soil around the bushes
  6. To fertilise tomatoes, wrap round the base of the plant
  7. To make a spray fertiliser, place chopped peel in a jar, add water, leave for several days, drain
  8. To make slow-release fertiliser powder, dry in a low oven or the sun, grind
  9. To feed seedlings, chop into tiny pieces and add to soil before planting seeds
  10. To cook after marinading – very, very ripe peels for banana peel bacon, unripe peels for banana peel pulled pork